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How Can I Be Disabled Yet Still Denied My Disability Insurance Benefits?

How can I be disabled but still be denied my insurance disability benefits?

This is really a good question and the person asking the question is typically the disabled person.

You have a lot of scenarios where the individual literally, genuinely, feels like they’re not going to be able to work. If you wanted a good example of this, take someone who has Lupus. Systemic lupus erythematosus is a disease that affects joints, causes muscular pain and increases fatigue which reduces capability. With Lupus you feel like you can’t do much but your insurance company may see it very differently because there is no complete objective test that measures the severity of Lupus. All of the medical severity in the Lupus claim is determined clinically with your doctor and through your relationship with your doctor.

So disability is largely an issue of functionality and it’s been my experience that insurance companies truly do not understand functionality.


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