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"They did a wonderful job!  They were quick, on the ball, and they won our case!"
The Hetzel family

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“I was very pleased with the relationship we had.  They were very thorough, down-to-earth, and straight forward.  And even though my case was unusual, they were still able to get a judgment for me"
E Jones

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Social Security Disability &
Long Term Disability Attorneys Who Fight Disability Denials!

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Having Trouble Getting Benefits From An Insurance Company?

We are not surprised.   We run into this all the time.

It is not because of anything you have done wrong.  It is because insurance companies do not play fair.

The job of the insurance companies is to insure company profits and close claims quickly.  Many times they will use a “technicality” to deny your claim, regardless of how disabled you are.  They do not tell you what your rights are.

Let Our Family Fight For Your Family! ®

You need a lawyer because Insurance companies can be hard to talk with, confusing you by:

  • Using words you don’t understand
  • Giving inconsistent information because each time you call you are talking to a different person who does not give the same information
  • Not telling you what your rights are

You need a lawyer because:

  • You may settle too soon
  • You may settle before you have a full set of facts on which to base your decision

In either case, you may be leaving money on the table – money you and your family may need to live on because of your disabilities and inability to work.

We have chosen to dedicate our time to fighting insurance companies.  This is our specialty and what we are experts in. 

How We Can Help

When you receive a letter denying your benefits, that is the time to give us a call. 

If you have been denied social security disability, long term disability, short term disability , or a Life Insurance claim – we can help.   When you call, we will listen to your problem and explain:

  • Your rights
  • How the process works (how long it takes, etc)
  • And what your options are

And your initial consultation always free!


Contact One of Us to See If We Can Help

Let Our Family Fight for Your Family!®

Want an honest opinion about your chances for success?

Contact Joe or Christy today for a free consultation.  We’ll see what we can do to help.