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Chronic conditions

Everything You Need To Know About Lupus

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus has been called The Great Pretender in certain medical circles. Here is some information on one of our most commonly represented illnesses. The Great Pretender Many people who suffer from Lupus go through long periods of misdiagnosis. Lupus can pretend to be many other illnesses, so depending on the symptoms, it is…

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Most Long Term Disabilities Are Caused By Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions are the Root of Most Long Term Disability Cases Most Long Term Disability Insurance cases are the result of chronic conditions, rather than accidents or injuries. In our experience representing clients in Long Term Disability Insurance cases, very few disabilities are caused by injuries resulting from an accident. Most of our clients have…

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Long-Term Disability Denials of POTS Syndrome Claims

Over the past few years we have represented multiple clients who have been inflicted with POTS or “Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome”.  POTS is an unusual condition that causes the Autonomic Nervous System to malfunction. POTS symptoms can include tachycardia, heart palpitations, chest pain, fainting, nausea, rapid gastric emptying, blood pooling in the extremities, sleep abnormalities,…

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Pulmonary Lung Disease Testing for Long Term Disability Claims

Obstructive & Restrictive Lung Diseases:  The Importance of FEV¹ & FVC test results for Long Term Disability Insurance Claims If you have a pulmonary disorder, one of the most important tests that you will take is a PFT or Pulmonary Function Test.  This test is somewhat complicated and measures many aspects of lung function.  The…

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Long Term Disability & the Undiagnosed Condition

LONG TERM DISABILITY & THE UNDIAGNOSED CONDITION One of the most difficult cases in our long-term disability practice is the individual who does not have   a diagnosis. It is very common in medicine for claimants to go longer than a year without receiving a proper diagnosis. This is not the fault of physicians, but…

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