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The Best Part of Being a Disability Insurance Attorney

The Best Part of Being a Disability Insurance Attorney

Recently, a client asked me about my job. Those people who know me know I am bluntly honest. I told the client my job had two shifts:

1) the shift during the day, where I am in hearings, or meeting with clients, or on the phone handling problems.

2) the night and weekend shifts, where the majority of production efforts occur (like analyzing administrative records, writing appeals, preparing briefs). Thus, the practice of law fully consumes my time.

The best part of the job is clearly that moment when you call a client to let them know that the appeal was approved and their benefits will restart. Many clients break down and cry, others cannot express enough gratitude, while others tell me I have no idea how much this has changed their life.

Helping our clients keep their benefits is our goal. The high stakes world of ERISA litigation is fraught with problems, and many people cannot take the pressure involved in that. We try to take some of the stress off your shoulders and walk through it with you. The greatest reward in my disability practice is when I can change the dire circumstances of a well-deserving client. It makes all the night shifts and weekend shifts worth it!


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